The Sarawak Government is an authority governing Sarawak, one of 13 states of Malaysia, based in Kuching, the state capital. The state government adheres to and is created by both the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, the supreme law of Malaysia, and the Constitution of the State of Sarawak, the supreme law of the State. .....Read More
The Ministry of Youth and Sports, abbreviated KBS, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for youth, sports, recreation, leisure, stadium, youth development, youth organisation, .....Read More
Asia Masters Athletics one of six continental based regional affiliates of World Masters Athletics, the global governing body for the division of Masters athletics. .....Read More
The Malaysian Masters Athletic Association (MMAA) formerly known as the Malaysian Association of Veteran Athletes was officially formed in 1984 with efforts from a few ex national athletes. Support was provided by officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The first pro-tem meeting was convened on the 17th October 1982 at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. .....Read More
The establishment of Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) was made after the abolition of Sarawak Stadium Corporation Ordinance 1972 (Ord. No. 1/72) and the Sarawak Stadium Corporation (Repeal) Ordinance 2007 (Cap. A 135). The SSC statutory ordinance will be the Sarawak Sports Corporation Ordinance 2009 that takes effect upon approval in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) on 13 May 2009 .....Read More
Sarawak Tourism: If adventure had a home, it would be the vast wilderness. Grand, green, awesome! Like no other place on earth. If adventure had a home, it would be filled with the friendliest people on earth. People of different races, religions and cultures. If adventure had a home, it would be here when one arrives as a guest and leaves as family. If adventure had a home, its home would be Sarawak. Come and explore our vast wild home of adventure. Sarawak, where adventure lives......Read More