Night Happenings

Be enthralled by the landmarks of a bygone era that still stands majestically along the riverbanks. See Kuching from a whole new perspective, as few ever see her. Our vessel, the MV Equatorial, was built in the year 1990, and has been cruising the Sarawak River ever since. Over the past 20 years, the vessel branded the Sarawak River Cruise has offered tourists and locals alike a rich panoramic view of the city and its famous landmarks.
Kuching Waterfront is located in the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching, in East Malaysia. It is situated in Main Bazaar, along the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and along the Sarawak River is the south side of Kuching. A visit to Kuching is incomplete if you have not visit the famous Kuching Waterfront. Kuching Waterfront is too known as the People Place as the locals. There are quite a number of attractions that acts as a magnet towards locals and tourists in every comer of the world.
Top Spot, as its name implies, is located at the top of a massive multi-level carpark by Kuching's riverfront. Styled after a food court, individual restaurants take up stalls located side-by-side, displaying their raw seafood in see-through boxes packed with ice. Chairs and tables are arranged in a large, comfortable, and airy common area.
James Brooke Bistro and Cafe is one of the restaurants at the Kuching Waterfront. Named after the first White Rajah, the restaurant is located in a nice setting facing the river. Designed for tourist experience, James Brooke Bistro and Cafe serves fusion cuisines as well local delicacies such as the Sarawak Laksa.
Sky Lounge ( Riverside Majestic Hotel – Astana Wing ) is the best place to chill and enjoy a breathtaking view of Kuching City. Indeed, there's plenty of high rise buildings in Kuching with an amazing aerial view of the city itself. However not many are open to the general public like the Astana Wing Sky Lounge which is open from 10AM to 1AM daily.

It is also interesting to note that Astana Wing Sky Lounge is the highest sky lounge in East Malaysia. On top of that, it is also one of the few sky lounges that has an open balcony, allowing you to take photos without having glass walls interfering the shot.
Uptown Metro City Spanning 183 acres, Metropolis is an ongoing commercial and mixed-use development situated along Jalan Matang, five kilometres from Kuching city centre. Food and beverage (F&B) drive-thrus such as McDonalds and KFC, which have become a landmark for the area, continue to thrive with the opening of other stores like Pizza Hut, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and Penang Nasi Kandar.
Over the past few weeks, the people of Kuching would have heard about the buzz within the vicinity of the Uptown Civic Centre or more precisely Le'Park on Friday and Saturday nights - thanks to the Satok Tourism Youth Uptown Market or simply Uptown. From food items, clothing, perfumes, stickers, car accessories and household essentials, among many others, chances are they are on sale at these venues. With mounting concern over rising prices of goods, one can expect bargains at these markets. In fact, they are just the place for those with good haggling skills.