In Kuching, the roads are pretty much in a good condition and public buses are available at low costs. The government of Kuching has taken steps to eliminate dilapidated buses and has brought new, bright coloured ones that are more comfortable and smooth. One might have to wait a little for the buses, but this is one of the best mode of transport in Kuching. Right opposite the Old Mosque, there lies the main bus terminal and another bus terminal is located at the 3rd mile.
If buses seem too crowded or unavailable, then shuttle vans can be another mode of transport. The fare of the shuttle vans depends on how much distance one is covering. Unlicensed vans must be avoided as they may be expansive. The yellow roofed cabs are very common in the streets of Kuching.
Before hiring a taxi one should check whether these are authorized or not and taxis are comparatively reasonable in Kuching.